Lipo Backpack

As previously mentioned this little pcb was made to complement the power management work I have done with the gps data logger. It was intended to provide the hobbiest with the ability to SAFELY work with a 2000 mAh (2C continuous discharge) lithium polymer battery. The pcb includes a onboard 500mA USB charger, 5V-120 mA regulated outpute, a 3.3V-120 mA regulated output, and finally Protection Circuit Module (PCM) which provides:

* Overcharge Protection voltage for single cell: 4.35V +/- 0.025V
* Overdischarge Protection voltage for single cell: 2.40V +/-0.08V
* Overcurrent detection Protection 3.5 A +/-1A
* Supply current: MAX 6uA
* Short circuit Protection
* 0 V charge
* Protection circuitry
* Resistance: <= 80m ohms