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Quad Pick and Place


On April 3, 2013 our Quad IVc pick and place showed up for final delivery from PPM. I am going to detail the rational for this purchase and several considerations  that you should think about when installing this machine. Background: We chose to go with this machine for a number of reasons. Mainly, I have […]

Infrawave Reflow Oven Controller


Infrawave Oven: Recently I viewed Ben Heck’s Reflow Oven Video and was pretty impressed with the time response of this oven. Ben uses a SSR and an external Arduino based controller to run his oven.  I really like this standalone solution. Other research revealed Hobbybotics Reflow Controller and this is a very impressive build.  Lots of […]

ChipKit Arrives!

I planned ahead and made sure I was one of the first people to make sure my ChipKit Design Challenge application was in the day registration opened.  The initial intent was to work on an improved beer brewing controller for the recent 240V 15 Gallon brewery setup I have built.  I am looking forward to […]

DIY Solder Hot Plate

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157625434889586″] For a longtime now I have been an advocate of the hotplate method that was first introduced to me by the folks at Sparkfun for simple and easy reflowing of solderpaste.  Through the use of our stencils this makes for a very simple and easy to use method of preparing SMD products […]

Maker Beam KKMulticopter: Build Part 1

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157625309496779″] One of the best parts of being the owner of your own business is that you get to explore different avenues for product development.  In this install I am looking at some open source hardware to build a quadcopter for possible resale/kitting in the near future.  In this post I am showing […]

Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory

I recently got to spend a week at the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory in coordination with some collaborative research that I am working on with them.  It was an amazing trip and all very impressive at the same time.  It’s really amazing the scale that these folks are working on.  I have never been in a […]

Twitter Tracker

During my free time I like to take motorcycle trips and if you ever ridden a motorcycle for a long distance you will know that it can be a bit more difficult to take care of things that are normally pretty easy in the car.  With that said, I probably don’t check in with my […]