Archive | July, 2010

Cap Touch Board

Having access to an LPKF router has really allowed us to expand some of the quick prototyping that we need to do for new applications.  Today I assembled a 10F206 touch board based off this Microchip example.  I have a few ideas on how I can make a nice compact design for use in a […]

Ami18 Dev Board

If you haven’t heard, Crownhill, the makers of PDS have developed Amicus18,an open source development environment that is very similar to the Arduino family of products.  I have been wanting to put together my own Amicus/Arduino board for quite awhile since there are so many shields available for the Arduino products. Anyways, using the provided […]

MCP2200 Dev Board

I included a small design for the MCP2200 USB UART chip from Microchip since the pricing on this chip is way better than that of the FTDI FT232RL chip.  Octopart has the MCP2200 $1.92 vs $4.95 for the FT232 chip. Overall the board works well and I plan to incorporate this chip into a number […]

SD GPS V3.1.5

Well it’s been a long time coming, but we finally have pictures of the latest version of the SD GPS Datalogger.  This version is the result of some recent contract work and will reflect the size and shape of the latest offering of this product.  We are debating on the use of the SL20037 chip […]

18F14K50 Dev Board

So I have been wanting to create a new line of products that will be USB capable for quite sometime now.  The beauty of USB is that it makes for a great way to update firmware and transfer information to a pc.  Well to begin this work I leveraged my pcb design skills and the […]