Stainless Steel Stencil – Prototype


Introduction We are proud to announce our new Stainless Steel Stencils for protoype SMD surface mount work. We have partnered with a US based stencil manufacturer to provide a pooled/batch stencil service. By pooling small batches of orders onto our pre-purchased panels we can provide you with the highest quality stencils at a fraction of […]

Iowa Scaled Engineering How-To


A longtime customer of ours Iowa Scaled Engineering has just finished a BUILDING MRSERVO blog post. This writeup details the multi-step process they use to assemble one of their flagship products with our kapton stencils.  I have partially covered their process and recommend you see their detailed writeup for their entire process. Step 1: Frame the pcb […]

JBC Auto Solder Feed Station


In an effort to share some of the new tools I have been getting in the lab I thought I would begin posting some more videos of the tools that I find helpful. I recently have had to manufacture, assemble, and test some new Beaglebone Cape Boards for use with the RGB-123 product line. Due […]

OSHW Summit 2013


Hey folks!  I am headed to the OSHW 2013 conference today.  I will be returning on 7 Sept 2013.  Any orders placed between 04-07 Sept 2013 will ship on Monday, 09 Sept 2013.  I apologize for any delays in getting you your order, but appreciate your understanding as we support the Open Source Community.  If […]

RGB-123 Kickstarter goes live!


We have had an overwhelming response to our Kickstarter in these first few hours  and appreciate all the support we have received from everyone.  I am really looking forward to what the future holds both near term (Kickstarter) and long term!

Pixsi: Swift Nav


Hey all, in addition to selling kapton stencils I am also very interested in GPS related techonology. OHARARP LLC got its start with our line of SD GPS Dataloggers and I am always keeping an eye out for great new gps related technologies.  One of our stencil customers, Swift Navigation, has recently started a Kickstarter for […]

The Amp Hour #153


This week I was featured on The Amp Hour with Chris Gammell and Dave Jones. It was a real honor to be interviewed by these guys.  I was glad I could be on and share some of the great things I have learned along the way.  We talked about Micro Air Vehicles, Kapton Stencils, Pick and Place […]