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Quad Pick and Place


On April 3, 2013 our Quad IVc pick and place showed up for final delivery from PPM. I am going to detail the rational for this purchase and several considerations  that you should think about when installing this machine. Background: We chose to go with this machine for a number of reasons. Mainly, I have […]

Kapton Stencil Frame Jig – Custom Dev LLC


Recently, Alfredo Herrera has  purchased several Kapton stencils for some of his projects. In doing so he has adapted a really good setup to repeatedly stencil some of his pcbs.  On the 4/27/13 Show and Tell with Adafruit, Al was able to feature his stencil frame and sated he has used the stencil on 300+ […]

Infrawave Reflow Oven Controller


Infrawave Oven: Recently I viewed Ben Heck’s Reflow Oven Video and was pretty impressed with the time response of this oven. Ben uses a SSR and an external Arduino based controller to run his oven.  I really like this standalone solution. Other research revealed Hobbybotics Reflow Controller and this is a very impressive build.  Lots of […]