Custom Design Work – Pearl Biotech Blue Transilluminator


I wanted to let folks know that we do custom design work and recently completed a turnkey assembly project for the folks at blue transilluminator.  Pearl Biotech is at the forefront of DIY Biological Discovery.  We worked closely with Pearl Biotech to produce the custom assembly seen in the image above. This product includes a Blue Led Matrix with surface  mount resistors and 2.5mm DC input connector.  This design was done from the ground up with the intent for ease of manufacturability and assembly.  The pcbs are produced in 2×2 panels with v-scoring for ease of separation.  Using our quick-turn kapton stencils we are able to easily bring high repeatability at a low cost to the application of solder paste to the pcbs.  This allows for automated assembly using our in-house pick and place machine and reflow capabilities.  Let us know if you are interested in designing and producing your product in the United States.