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JBC Auto Solder Feed Station


In an effort to share some of the new tools I have been getting in the lab I thought I would begin posting some more videos of the tools that I find helpful. I recently have had to manufacture, assemble, and test some new Beaglebone Cape Boards for use with the RGB-123 product line. Due […]

OSHW Summit 2013


Hey folks!  I am headed to the OSHW 2013 conference today.  I will be returning on 7 Sept 2013.  Any orders placed between 04-07 Sept 2013 will ship on Monday, 09 Sept 2013.  I apologize for any delays in getting you your order, but appreciate your understanding as we support the Open Source Community.  If […]

Pixsi: Swift Nav


Hey all, in addition to selling kapton stencils I am also very interested in GPS related techonology. OHARARP LLC got its start with our line of SD GPS Dataloggers and I am always keeping an eye out for great new gps related technologies.  One of our stencil customers, Swift Navigation, has recently started a Kickstarter for […]

Kapton Stencil Frame Jig – Custom Dev LLC


Recently, Alfredo Herrera has  purchased several Kapton stencils for some of his projects. In doing so he has adapted a really good setup to repeatedly stencil some of his pcbs.  On the 4/27/13 Show and Tell with Adafruit, Al was able to feature his stencil frame and sated he has used the stencil on 300+ […]

Prototype 8×8 RGB Matrices

I just wanted to share a recent tweet of the recent prototypes of our 8×8 RGB Led Matrices. This are the same WS2811 leds found in the most popular RGB strips currently available from many vendors. We are planning on adding these and many similar products to our lineup. The pick and place machine will […]

Upgrading Manufacturing Capability – PnP

After a considerable amount of time we have decided to stop farming out the production of our products and bring manufacturing in house. We have decided on a PPM Quad 4c.  This is a refurbished machine that should serve us well.  We initially plan on using this machine to assemble some new LED matrix products […]

Bring it on 2013!

Hey everybody I just wanted to let everyone know we are still knocking out kapton stencils for y’all.  We are all settled in Virginia and are looking forward to what the new year is bringing!

Relocation Begins! 01-21 October 2012

We are beginning the process of relocating to Hampton, VA now that my PhD program is complete.  With that said, our stencil service and products will be unavailable until we get settled.  I am expecting to be up and running in a few weeks and will be sure to update the site when we are […]

Great New Solder Paste How-To!

Our friend Scott over at Curious Inventor and Vmeter posted this awesome tutorial on how to use our Surface Mount Kapton stencils.  If you haven’t seen this video, amongst his many others, you are missing out.