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My Single Tube Nixie Clock is progressing right along in time to make for a great stocking stuffer for friends and family! I just got the top carrier board that holds the Russian Nixie Tube and High Voltage Driver. Once again the black solder mask is totally bitchin! Be sure to check out the latest […]


As previously mentioned this little pcb was made to complement the power management work I have done with the gps data logger. It was intended to provide the hobbiest with the ability to SAFELY work with a 2000 mAh (2C continuous discharge) lithium polymer battery. The pcb includes a onboard 500mA USB charger, 5V-120 mA […]

SD GPS Logger Version 0.1

This is the gps data logger that I designed just recently. I just got the first one assembled. The EM406 gps uses the latest SIRFSTAR III chipset to make sure you get a signal in areas of dense foliage, canyons, and even inside buildings depending on the construction technique. Battery is a 3.6V lithium ion […]