Ami18 Dev Board

Amicus 18

Amicus 18

If you haven’t heard, Crownhill, the makers of PDS have developed Amicus18,an open source development environment that is very similar to the Arduino family of products. 

I have been wanting to put together my own Amicus/Arduino board for quite awhile since there are so many shields available for the Arduino products. Anyways, using the provided documentation I was able to put this board together. Its not perfect and does do some things a bit different, when compared to the commercial Amicus18 boards, in terms of power and chips (has both 3.3V and 5V (usb) and uses qfn mounted chips in this case 18F25K20, but you could really mount whatever you wanted on there. The design probably needs a few more caps on the power supply but it works well here for simple prototyping. Until the K22 parts arrive I won’t be able to do much in terms of 5V, but maybe later this summer when these chips become available. Using the provided FTDI code, Bootloader and programming software I was able to program and download to my Amicus board with the compiler. Overall it works great and I am pretty happy with how things went. A special thanks goes out to “jules” who sent me the Isis/Ares files to his project Amicus18-RTD-Shield that made this design go very quickly. 

For others interested in making your own boards I have attached the Schematic, ISIS/ARES Files, and Gerbers AMI18_A – Documentation 

Documentation From the Amicus18 Website that aided in this project can be found using the links below:
1. FTDI Programming
2. Bootloader Source
3. Amicus Hardware Manual

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