SD GPS V3.1.5

SD GPS Data Logger Latest Prototype

Well it’s been a long time coming, but we finally have pictures of the latest version of the SD GPS Datalogger.  This version is the result of some recent contract work and will reflect the size and shape of the latest offering of this product.  We are debating on the use of the SL20037 chip in this version and will more than likely stick with the FMP04 GPS engine in the next revision.

We have added a non-waterproof enclosure from Envision Plastics that has been custom designed just for this application.  We have also switched to a MicroSD card for a much small form factor and higher reliability in environments with vibration (less mass means better connections).  The addition of an RGB also allows for infinitely variable error output codes.  The addition of a very small vibration sensor allows for low power modes and a ratiometric evaluation of activity levels.  Finally, there is a small analog temperature sensor added for determination of operating conditions during logging.

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