Nixie Tube Clock

Well the arrival of the Single Tube Nixie Clock Base makes this a complete design! The Nixie Clock was designed to be powered by your computer’s usb port so you can show off to all of your friends how “cool” you are at work! Since desks can often get crowded and cramped with with crap I wanted to keep the clock as small as possible. Using the Microchip 18F1220’s internal oscillator, HPWM port, and an external 32 KHz crystal the bottom pcb measures only 2.25″ in diameter. A super capacitor was incorporated to allow for short term continuation of timekeeping whenpower isremoved(>24 hrs).

A 2 piece design with genuine Russian Tubes and Driver IC’s was implemented to allow for different tubes to be easily implemented in future designs at a minimal cost. Finally, these pcb’s are housed within a 3 piece acrylic case for display.