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LASER – Epilog Helix 45W

In the pursuit of expanding the number of products and capabilities we offer; we have recently invested a significant amount of money and time in acquiring a high quality American made laser cutting system. Our Epilog Helix 45W allows us to process high quality, low-cost, quickturn kapton stencils for our customers.

STENCILS – 8.5″x11″x.0035″

We are providing kapton stencils up to 8.5″x11″x.0035″ in size that are to be used in the production of prototype and short run printed circuit board designs with surface mount components. Due to the high material cost of Kapton ($300/lb), all stencils will be trimmed to fit a 1″ border surrounding all SMT pads or the pcb outline of your board if it is provided. If you have a unique frame configuration please specify this to us when you send your files and we will size the stencil appropriately.

Orders with multiple designs require that each design have the appropriate outline. Do not worry about optimizing this layout as we will depanelize each design with a 1/2″ border. All stencils will be a minimum size of 4″x4″. This assures that you will have enough Kapton to properly lay paste on a board that is small. Multiple design orders can have up to 6 designs. If duplicates are in the order we will only process the original design (Kapton is very durable and duplicates are rarely needed).

Please contact us at if you have any questions or your files fit outside of these normal requirements and we can still process your order, but at a slightly higher fee than our standard pricing.

PRICING – $25 per sheet + Shipping
We understand that research and development of prototype designs can be expensive and have streamlined our order process to provide you with the lowest cost and highest quality kapton stencils available.

Our laser uses a 1.5″ Focus Lens to produce the smallest spot size possible. To this end we can cut surface mount pads for nearly any sized SMT package. We will review your design and let you know if there are any problems before cutting.

To keep our costs low we require that you submit your SMT paste/cream/outline layers in GERBER (RS274X) format to allow us to import your files into Corel Draw. Other file formats can be allowed but may require additional charges to process. Please include the board outline in your file submission. UNITS = INCHES.

File submission is completed at the time of checkout.  This is not a rigid requirement and if you would rather us preview your designs before submitting payment please go ahead and email them to with your questions.

TURN TIMES/SHIPPING – 1-2 Business Days
Submit your order on any business day before 1600 hrs and your stencil will ship within 1-2 days. We aim for next day shipment, but depending on volume this could take an additional day.

PAYMENT – Secure Checkout
You may place your order online through our secure server directly from our web site. We accept Master Card,VISA, AMEX, and PAYPAL. All credit card transactions are secure & encrypted.


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